How remote & hybrid models are changing the way we work

While COVID has greatly affected how we work, one thing is clear: remote work is here to stay. Whether companies were forced to work remotely during the pandemic or they transitioned afterward, we’ve seen a large increase in the number of people working from home. As of May 2022, more than 4.7 million Americans work remotely at least half of the time. According to data analysts at Ladders, this number is only expected to grow in coming years, with an estimated 25% of all jobs in the U.S. to be fully remote by 2023. Through this increase in remote work, we’ve seen an increasing popularity in shared workspaces as an option for those working from home. If this sounds like you, COhatch might just be the solution you’re looking for. 

COVID and Work

Following the pandemic during the past few years, we’ve seen how circumstances out of our control can change the way we work. It’s going to be a long time before any of us forget the mass shut downs that occurred at the beginning of the pandemic back in March of 2020. As a result of the mass shuttering of in person work, many companies transitioned to be fully-remote whenever possible. For those companies offering hands-on services such as hair salons, spas, and more, they shut down entirely. We saw restaurants pivot to offering online pickup only, with no options for dine-in seating. Because of this, companies sent their employees to their WFH offices (if they were lucky enough to have one). Zoom calls soon took the place of in-person meetings. As a result of the pandemic, we’ve seen the traditional work model change in a few fundamental ways. Many companies have given employees the option for hybrid work, allowing them to keep up that mid-morning run routine while still going into the office on select days of the week/month. For those of us operating with limited space, or trying to focus through the kids being home for summer…home offices may be out of the question. In this case, people have taken to working out of coffee shops, cafes, bookstores, always haunted by the question “Will they notice that I’ve been here for 5 hours and only bought one cup of coffee?” For those who wanted a more established working environment coworking spaces were the answer.

Why Remote Work?

For many people who started working remotely, they found that this was overall a better solution for them. Remote work allows employees to experience an increased sense of freedom and flexibility within their work days. This offers many people a work-life balance that best fits their personal needs and schedules. In a study by Owl Labs, 90% of full-time remote workers in 2021 reported higher productivity working from home as compared to working in-office. In addition to productivity levels, many professionals feel an overall increase in their physical and mental health, according to a survey by Ergotron

Flex Spaces and Remote Work 

So why might a coworking space like COhatch be the perfect fit for you? For those working remotely, shared workspaces offer a space for professionals to access the resources they need to be productive on a daily basis. Shared workspaces provide a flexible, convenient, and collaborative environment for remote workers to be productive outside of their home offices. Many people got sick of overcrowded and loud coffee shops, so they found other solutions. For those looking to cultivate community and form connections even while working remotely, COhatch is the perfect solution. We give members the flexibility to work wherever and whenever they want, with all of the amenities and resources they need. Rachel Mausser, a COhatch member with Avery Dennison, says that remote work helps to make in-person time with her team more intentional and therefore, more valuable. 

Whether you’re somebody who has always worked from home or somebody who has recently transitioned into a hybrid model, COhatch is here for you. We provide convenient locations in neighborhoods near you, for the ability to work the way you want to. Sick of sitting in your home office for hours on end with nobody else to talk to or collaborate with? COhatch spaces foster community and innovation, encouraging members to mingle and network. We provide you with the resources and amenities you need to succeed, both in your career and in your personal life. Come see what we’re all about! Book a tour at a COhatch location near you today to find your new hybrid work model solution.