Is working from home impacting your ability to self-motivate? If you feel like it’s time to switch up your remote work scenery, check out your local COhatch! It might be a best kept secret that coworking spaces promote productivity among their members. With the landscape of a “typical” workday steadily evolving, flexible workspaces have become more sought after than ever. So let’s get into why a coworking space just may be the ideal working location for you!

Goodbye Standard Office Space

Following the pandemic, organizations have been dealt with an additional blow…employees are not eager to return to the office. There’s no denying that remote work offers more luxuries for individuals than the traditional office setting. Working remotely gives people the flexibility and personal autonomy to structure their schedules in ways that work best for them. Additionally, the pandemic shifted the structure of work for millions of individuals. Many who were once full-time employees made the shift to temporary and part-time work schedules, also known as gig workers.   

Coworking For Gig Workers

A gig economy is a labor market that relies heavily on temporary and part-time positions filled by independent contractors and freelancers rather than permanent, full-time employees. According to Forbes, there are roughly 70 million people in the United States who freelance. These one-off jobs allow an employee or freelancer the chance to complete tasks they find fulfilling while still being paid a fee. However, these jobs eliminate the need to have a set office space. Gig workers found coworking spaces to be the solution to promote productivity for their unconventional schedules. 

Productivity In The Workplace

Flexible work spaces allow gig workers to have a home base that accommodates their work needs, promotes networking and collaboration, all while giving them the freedom to come and go as they please. Coworking spaces are often located in convenient locations near neighborhoods and entertainment, are relaxing environments, and often offer cost saving options for memberships. Freelancers and part-time workers also receive amenities including access to high-speed internet, boardrooms, podcast equipment, private offices, and more. 

Harvard Business Review found that people who frequently use coworking spaces experience an increase in productivity and overall satisfaction. Participants listed greater autonomy and the ability to change their routine frequently as added perks. Coworking spaces have also been linked to boosting employee morale, creativity and social skills. The collaborative environments help link colleagues and professionals, and when like-minded people are together they need to be more relaxed and generate innovative ideas! 


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