Offices @ COhatch

Everything You Need From an Office (And More!)

  • Individual offices and suites
  • Easy move-in with secure, 24/7 access
  • Flexible office terms with no overhead (all utilities + mail service included)
  • Meeting room and amenity access
  • Work close to home at a great price

Solopreneurs & Freelancers

We’re all about supporting small businesses which is why we put a focus on providing 1-3 person offices in every single location. Get the privacy you need to succeed, be productive, and meet with clients all in one place.

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Small Teams & STartups

We know how important it is to get the biggest bang for your buck as a small team or startup. With every office, we give every team member access to all COhatch meeting rooms, event spaces, free life events, and all the essentials for a productive workplace. No more expensing coffee for the team or paying for WiFi. We’ve got you covered.

Flexible Team Options

Depending on the size and growth of your business, we know how important it is to have flexible team options including offices, coworking, and day passes. We offer suites, team office clusters and wings, and customizable plans to get you exactly what you need (and give your employees extra benefits, too!).

More Than Just an Office.

Endless Square Footage

Every membership includes 24/7, All Location Access across the COhatch community. Instead of one office or building, you and your team get access to all amenities and spaces across the COhatch ecosystem.

All in One Solution

With every office, all of your utilities and mail service are included with your membership. We provide free coffee, tea, wine, and beer to ensure you’re ready for the day or finishing the day with a team happy hour.

Employee Benefits for less

Every office member gets access to all COhatch programs and amenities. Book out COhatch Vacation Homes at a discount or host free life events like birthday parties or wedding showers outside of work hours.

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