How coworking spaces are changing the way we work

Traditional corporate work is taking the backseat to hybrid forms of work-life balance. Coworking spaces continue to offer remote workers a flexible community space to grow and work outside of their homes.

Convenient and Collaborative

Shared workspaces are very convenient for remote workers. They provide members easy access to the tools, environment, and people they need to engage and grow in their communities. On top of fully-equipped meeting rooms, coffee, and Wi-Fi, there are a wide range of members in the spaces. This includes varying professions and demographics that encourage connection and collaboration among peers.

The Demand for a Hybrid Work Approach

Following the pandemic, we’ve seen an increase in popularity of remote work. Needless to say, many professionals have come to prefer a hybrid model of work. Coworking spaces offer members more flexibility and control over their everyday lives. This allows them to mold their workday experience to what they need on a given day. While the concept of remote work is far from new, coworking spaces have seen a rise in traffic during COVID. Where before remote work and shared office spaces appeared to be a passing trend, it’s becoming plain that this model is here to stay. According to a Buffer study, 99% of participants said they’d like to work remotely for at least some of their career.

The Human Need for Social Connection

Coworking spaces thrive on the basic human need for connection. This is because they provide an environment for professionals to meet, brainstorm, and network. In a Stanford Medicine study, those who felt a strong sense of social connection reported lower levels of anxiety and depression. Add to that higher self-esteem, empathy, and trust, and we see the importance of community on mental health. For those working remotely, this is an important element that they might not otherwise get working from their homes. Coworking spaces are socially-collaborative and focused on the idea of community. They offer opportunities to further engage via workshops, networking socials and personal events. A large factor in joining a coworking space is the general feeling of being part of a community, according to a Harvard Business Review article. This is what sets coworking spaces apart from a typical café or coffee shop; there’s little collaboration among other professionals to instill the sense of community that coworking spaces offer.

So What Does This Mean for Me?

If you’re working remotely, you’ve likely been setting up shop in your home office or a local coffee shop. You may be looking for more of a community atmosphere to work and meet others, and it might be time for you to join a coworking space. If this sounds like you, stop by your local COhatch today to see if coworking is the solution for you!

Published On: February 2, 2022Categories: Our Community

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