At COhatch, we’re always interested in learning what brought members to our spaces. Every business has its own specific needs when it comes to finding the right workspace. Whether creative spaces to collaborate with others is key, or the comfort of spacious private offices, your local COhatch is sure to have a space to fulfill the needs of you and your team!

We recently sat down with Rob Panos, Chief of Staff at Sagamore Institute, a research and consulting organization or “think tank,” to learn more about how being a COhatch member has benefited his company.

Why You Would Choose COhatch

Prior to joining COhatch Broad Ripple in April 2021, Rob and his team were no strangers to working in unique settings.  

“We previously occupied an historic mansion, which was great from a brand perspective for Sagamore,” said Rob. 

But not all alternative workspaces are created equal! Rob knew that while the historic venue aligned with Sagamore’s brand, it wouldn’t allow his team to have the relationship they wanted with their neighbors. 

“The location was a unique kind of event center but it was removed from the community. COhatch has allowed us to become a lot more embedded in the community and develop authentic relationships, and directly showcase some of the work that we’ve been doing,” said Rob.

What Makes COhatch Special

Whether you work for a boutique business or a large company, COhatch is able to provide an ideal meeting space for your team to connect, share ideas, and socialize. Rob found COhatch Broad Ripple, our flagship location in Indianapolis built inside of an old church, to be the perfect homebase for his team.  

“We have a suite for our headquarters team here in Broad Ripple, but Sagamore maintains this network of scholars and practitioners really all over the nation, and even the world!” said Rob.  “So we have our team based here but those fellows and partners come through from time to time, so it provides a flexible workspace for them to work from on occasion, and to host events when they are here in town.” 

Rob sees longevity in his COhatch membership as we continue to grow, and is looking forward to the new possibilities our expansion will bring Sagamore!

“We are excited for the COhatch national expansion! We hope that it can really be a platform for us to scale our work to be a homebase for our clients in many places across the country,” said Rob.

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