Slalom Columbus Case Study: Finding Flexibility Through COhatch 

At COhatch, we have the ability to easily accommodate you and your team. Whether you’re operating a startup or have a rapidly growing team, we have spaces to meet your coworking and personal needs. This flexibility is what prompted members like Slalom Columbus to join our COhatch community.

A Look at Slalom 

Slalom is a modern consulting company that does digital and cloud work for their clients on a global scale. They help organizations tackle their most ambitious projects through Salesforce work, web redesigns, engineering, and organizational effectiveness to build new capabilities. 

Before Joining COhatch

Back when Slalom opened its Columbus office in September 2019, you could find the company working out of a competitor in the Short North. But it was clear that this wasn’t going to be a match made in coworking heaven…

“What didn’t work for us was that we were confined to one location, constricted to one set of roads with less than ideal parking,” said Channie Mize, General Manager of Slalom Columbus. 

Channie knew that moving forward, Slalom Columbus would need to find a space that could give her expanding team a variety of accommodations to meet their needs.

Why COhatch?

COhatch offered Slalom Columbus something that they couldn’t find with competitors, flexibility. When the company first joined COhatch almost one year ago, you could catch Channie and her team at our COhatch Easton location. 

“There are so many different locations around Ohio, which gave my team options when we were searching for a new space to work. Parking is easy and overall we just couldn’t beat the flexibility that a COhatch offered us,” said Channie.

Today, with multiple departments (Salesforce, Technical Engineering and Cloud teams) utilizing COhatch, Channie has moved Slalom Columbus operations to COhatch Polaris! With the latest expansion, COhatch Polaris has more than enough room to accommodate a growing team of ten, occupying five offices and the (50!) people Slalom hosts for their work meetings. 

How Slalom Columbus Uses COhatch

We love hearing the different ways our members use our spaces, and Slalom is no different! 

“Right now we are utilizing COhatch for hosting events. We hosted our holiday event at the end of last year and we are currently planning some external events with our clients. We’re using the new corporate suite at Polaris, it’s been perfect for us,” said Channie. 

In addition to event space, Slalom Columbus uses COhatch for the networking opportunities our locations offer members.

“There’s an element of marketing associated with COhatch. Slalom and COhatch definitely have similar mindsets when it comes to the value of community and making connections. It’s been incredible to have people come in and meet with us and get our name out there. We love using the collaborative spaces for that reason,” said Channie.