As COhatch continues to grow in all areas, from locations to amenities and even small business resources, our community grows right along with us. Companies like SellHouse Columbus use COhatch locations to further drive their mission and achieve their goals.

A Little Bit About SellHouse Columbus

SellHouse is a house-buying company that services those in Ohio who need to sell their homes quickly or outside of traditional channels (such as brokers and agents) by offering customers a seamless and flexible closing process. When the winter of 2021 hit, SellHouse co-owner RJ Pepino started looking for alternate solutions for the team’s office and workspace needs which led to the discovery of COhatch and all it has to offer.

Office Space or Coworking?

Fast forward to now, since joining the COhatch community, the SellHouse team utilizes 2 private offices at our COhatch Easton location. Their team uses one of these spaces as a collaborative meeting and workspace. They use their second office on the downstairs level as a studio for the media side of the business. This space is often used to film videos and podcast content. You’ll find the co-owner duo, RJ and Dave, in the space regularly throughout the week. While some of the team is virtual, SellHouse currently has 4 employees that are local to Columbus, 3 of which use COhatch daily.

COhatch allows the SellHouse team to be in a work environment with good energy that drives inspiration and productivity that they found lacking when the company was virtual. During COVID when employees worked from home, many of them found it difficult to avoid distractions (or a midday nap).

Work Life Before COhatch

Before joining COhatch, the SellHouse team had several offices in another commercial building. After starting the business in 2013 and beginning to buy Ohio homes in 2021, SellHouse used a shared workspace with title companies they collaborated with inside another office building. COVID-19 struck in 2020 and the SellHouse team’s lease was up at their previous building, so the team transitioned to work from home during the pandemic.

After working from home for months, the group realized they missed the energy of an office space environment. They found that without the distractions of everyday life at home, they were able to maximize productivity. Dave, co-owner of SellHouse, said, “By joining COhatch, we achieved the goals that we set out to achieve. The first goal being that we wanted to work in an environment that allows our team to have good energy and culture and the second goal of avoiding the temptation of the ‘midday nap’, allowing us to be more productive without worrying about our kids in the background and truly being focused on our business.”

Why COhatch?

RJ found COhatch and decided it was the right solution for their hybrid team of virtual and in-person employees, “COhatch locations are always convenient with locations all around Central Ohio…there’s never one far away.” Along with the convenience and flexibility of being able to use any space as a COhatch member, the SellHouse team loved that COhatch locations are modern, clean, and competitively priced compared to local coworking and office solutions. COhatch checked all of their team’s boxes. As the SellHouse team continues to grow, COhatch provides them with a collaborative workspace that fuels innovation and creativity at every level of their business