How coworking spaces inspire innovation in the workplace

If you’re working from home and find yourself lacking in motivation, a coworking space might be just the change of scenery you need. Getting away from the distractions of home and your personal life allows you to be more creative, inspired, and productive. Bouncing ideas off others in the community helps you to open your mind and get a new, fresh perspective. More and more people have transitioned from work-from-home models to shared workspaces.

So what is coworking? Coworking is the concept of working in a shared community workspace with other professionals from various backgrounds and companies. If you’ve been looking for a coworking space near you to try out, COhatch can help! Whether you’re looking for coworking space near Columbus, some office space in Cincinnati, a meeting room in Cleveland, or maybe shared workspace in Indianapolis, (and soon Tampa and Pittsburgh!) we have coworking spots in neighborhoods that are convenient for you across the united states!

Why is Creativity Important?

Cultivating creativity in a coworking space is essential to giving the public a reason to use your spaces. Good energy, ambience, amenities, and community attract new customers and give them incentive to stay. All these aspects factor into your ability to be productive and, in turn, creative.

So why is creativity in the workplace so important? A sense of creativity increases your problem-solving abilities. By thinking outside of the box, you’re more likely to come up with innovative solutions and ideas. The idea of creativity also encourages teamwork and collaboration among your peers. This can strengthen your company culture and provide bonding experiences for employees. Without creativity, it’s difficult to maintain motivation in your day-to-day life. Feeling creatively fulfilled in your role can lead to increased job satisfaction and an overall more positive outlook on life.

Productivity and Coworking

In a coworking space, productivity is the main goal. Spaces are often designed with this idea in mind. Equipped with all the amenities you might need, coworking spaces are convenience at its finest. From WiFi to coffee, printing and mail services and more, a shared workspace provides you with all that you need to have a successful workday, from start to finish. In a space geared toward productivity, it’s easy to see why ideas tend to start flowing better. This contributes to the overall idea of creativity by giving members the tools they need to be innovative in their work.

Creativity at COhatch

Here at COhatch, we thrive on the creativity that our members bring to the workplace and that we strive to help them achieve. We design COhatch spaces to fuel a sense of innovation in members. Besides the visual aesthetics of our spaces, each COhatch location has meeting rooms and open coworking space to meet with your team. With collaborative work environments, members can work together to brainstorm new ideas. At COhatch, we foster an atmosphere for members to mingle and network in their communities. Through engaging with other members, you might find a lightbulb coming on as you think about your problem or a situation differently. Members can also use any of our locations across markets. This makes it convenient to switch up your day-to-day and strike creativity with new surroundings.

As the idea of a traditional workplace continues to shift, creativity will become more and more important to companies and their employees. Without creativity, there would be no room for growth as the demands of society constantly change and evolve. Without creativity, you might find your team falling behind competitors or unable to keep up with the changing world around you. because of that, it’s important to strive to maintain a culture of creativity and innovation within your company. In a coworking space like COhatch, we make it easy to think creatively while being productive at the same time. For more on productivity, check out what our some of our members had to say about our space in this Case Study.

If you’ve been contemplating a shared workspace and are looking for a new burst of motivation, this is your sign to check out a COhatch near you to see if this could be the solution for you or your team! Book a tour today to learn more or try us free to see if we’re a good match.

Published On: May 20, 2022Categories: Community Updates

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