Why a COhatch location could be the perfect spot for your next party

Whether it’s snowing in December, sunny and 80 in July, or anywhere in between, a holiday is the best excuse to gather all your friends and family in one place to celebrate. What better way to celebrate than with a party? With summer around the corner and warm-weather celebrations upon us, it’s time to lock down your next event. Whether you’re looking to host an intimate get together or a party for the books, COhatch locations might be just the spot you’re looking for. Members can host networking happy hours at the bar, graduation parties and barbecues on the patio, and bat mitzvahs in the event space. While it might be true that we specialize in all things hybrid workspace, COhatch is so much more than just coworking, private offices or meeting room space. With perks like monthly event hours, members have access to our spaces to host everything from family parties to holiday celebrations – and anything in between. So what is it, exactly, that makes a COhatch space such a great option for hosting your party?

Convenience for all Events

Coworking spaces that double as an event space are the dynamic duo you’re likely searching for in your quest to find the perfect venue for your next holiday party. How many times have you booked an event venue only to realize it didn’t come equipped with half of what you needed? COhatch is your one-stop shop for all your hosting needs. With fully equipped spaces, sound and audio capabilities, aesthetically appealing atmospheres and more, COhatch is planning made simple. Whether it’s the movie theatre at COhatch Mason, the rock climbing wall at Easton, or the beer garden at Dublin, each of our locations offers something different to members. Here at COhatch, we have locations in neighborhoods convenient to you, making your options endless.


If you’ve ever found yourself wondering why you can’t bring in your own food to the event venue, choose your own decorations, or have your own band, COhatch is the solution to all your problems. Our founders created COhatch based on a need that they recognized within the community and a problem that they found themselves needing a solution for. At COhatch, we give you the flexibility to host your event the way you want to, with minimal interference. Create your own menu and bring in whatever food and drinks you want for the event. In the mood for a make-your-own taco bar at your party? Order takeout from the place down the street and have it delivered right to the front door of your party. What’s the worst part about hosting an event somewhere other than your own home? Décor. Decorate the space how you want to, from elegant and classy to bold and fun. Get your favorite local band to play live music for your guests or make the playlist yourself and play it over the speakers. At COhatch, you’re your own event planner, but without the stress of the hard stuff (we take care of that part for you).

Community Atmosphere

COhatch members truly feel like part of one huge family, making a COhatch location perfect for hosting your real family’s holiday party. With indoor-outdoor spaces, patios, and collaborative common areas, COhatch spaces are geared toward connection and mingling. From comfy couches to booths, tables, and bar seating, each COhatch has a variety of entertainment set-ups.

With the flexibility and convenience you need, COhatch locations are ideal for more than just coworking. Locations in different markets and with different amenities and features allow members to choose the COhatch that best fits their party-hosting needs. To book your next family holiday party or event today, head to our website to learn more or schedule a tour at the location nearest you to check us out!


Published On: April 1, 2022Categories: Community Updates, Our Community

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