If you’ve ever wondered what “coworking” is or how you can use a shared workspace, this one is for you.

As we see companies lean more toward a hybrid model of work, coworking spaces are becoming even more popular. Essentially, flexibility is key. Now more than ever, you may be looking for more of a work-life balance in your daily schedule. Lucky for you, COhatch has everything you need to be productive in spaces that feel like your home away from home.

Building Community

If you’re like many others, you may find yourself drawn to coworking spaces for the community environment they offer. According to the US Chamber, networking is one of the biggest perks of shared workspaces. Events like mimosas and donuts or networking happy hours encourage members to mingle in their communities while they work. Even though some members of a shared workspace may not interact with others as frequently, according to Harvard Business Review, they still feel a sense of community in knowing it’s an option. With social networking and workshop opportunities at all of our COhatch locations, members can grow their personal and professional networks.

Teaching and Learning

Okay, not everyone is looking to go back to a classroom setting. But what makes shared workspaces awesome is that they provide you with all the social resources you’d get in a formal learning environment. If you’ve ever felt like you were missing that peer-to-peer honing of your craft, you can find that in a coworking space! It’s likely you might be able to find somebody in the community who specializes in a similar field as your own. At COhatch, you can host workshops about topics you’re passionate about to help others in the community. Brainstorming with other members can lead you to figure out new solutions or come up with great ideas. Since COhatch spaces are ideal for forming connections, you’re likely to be hit with new inspiration while you work.

Productivity-Fueling, Convenient Spaces

The atmosphere and convenience of the spaces themselves create a big draw to shared community workspaces. With fully equipped and ready spaces, you never have to worry about convenience. Forget coming prepared – COhatch has you covered with free Wi-Fi and coffee, meeting rooms with whiteboards, TVs with HDMI hookup, and more. Did we mention members get free coffee and beer during business hours? With 24/7 access at COhatch, you can choose the hours that best fit your schedule to help create a healthy work-life balance. In need of a place to host your wedding, baby shower, or reception? You’re in luck! To drive its community impact, COhatch has free life events for members. It’s easy for remote workers to get distracted, but coworking spaces eliminate this possibility. Coworking spaces like COhatch are great for increasing productivity levels by providing you with spaces that inspire, not distract.

COhatch has you covered from all things community and networking to productivity and resources. With locations in local neighborhoods near you, COhatch is convenience at its finest. Meeting rooms in every location, event spaces to host personal or life events, and social networking opportunities, COhatch goes beyond your traditional coworking space. Combining the way you work, meet, and live, you’ll find a home away from home that sparks creativity and elevates your work experience. To check out one of our locations, book a tour at the location nearest you and come see what we’re all about! We promise, you won’t want to leave.