At COhatch, we believe in community – because after all, what’s more important than the people we surround ourselves with in the places we live? Without our members and the cities in which they live and work, our spaces (and COhatch itself) wouldn’t exist. We truly focus on connecting with the neighborhoods that our spaces are located in. From giving back to our communities, getting involved in local events, and connecting with others in our area, COhatch team and members go above and beyond to do their part. When you put a face to a brand, don’t you feel more connected to that company? This is because by cultivating community, a brand’s personality can really shine through. According to Cloud Peeps, by feeling like they belong, members’ “experience with your brand then becomes so much more than just products and features.”

Giving Back to Our Communities

How does COhatch help grow and contribute to its local communities? Through our Impact Collective, we’re able to give back to our local communities in a way that serves our members. Nonprofits, startups, civic, and minority-led businesses can apply for free access to our spaces and resources, encouraging them to network with new people. By word-of-mouth marketing and connecting, more people naturally gravitate toward checking out your product or service. With free access to our spaces, scholars can work with team members in a fun and relaxed environment that fuels brainstorming and inspiration. Scholars can also host free workshops and events in our spaces to engage with their community and share their skills.

Now that we’ve covered the “who” of giving back, let’s talk about the “where”. COhatch acts as a “Town Hall 2.0”, restoring and repurposing historical buildings to bring life back to communities.

Community Involvement 

Giving back to us means going beyond just signing a check or donating resources. It means getting involved with the woman who works at your local coffee shop, forming connections with the vendor at the farmer’s market down the road, or meeting for lunch with a representative from your city’s Chamber of Commerce. At COhatch, our staff and members truly enjoy immersing themselves in local goings-on. Since COhatch spaces are in neighborhoods convenient to members, there’s always plenty going on in the area to get involved with. Some locations that are in or connected to malls make it easy for members and the COhatch team to participate in mall events and stay in the loop with what’s going on. Other communities host local markets or networking events that members can attend and meet others in the area.

Member Events

So how can members use COhatch locations as a perk for them and their families? Our members can host personal events in COhatch spaces to give back to our GIVE Scholarship fund, truly bringing the concept of community full circle. This allows us at COhatch to continue sponsoring these nonprofit and startup organizations. If you have a birthday party, a baby shower, or a graduation party coming up, a COhatch space might be the perfect venue for you! Engaging members in the communities in which they live and work helps to instill a sense of belonging and pride.                                                                            

         By giving members the resources and spaces they need, we can continue to give back to our communities. Getting involved in local events sets us apart from other coworking spaces. By truly caring about our members and their communities, COhatch puts its people-first mindset behind its vision. If you’re interested in building a community in the neighborhoods you live, stop by a COhatch location near you today or sign up for a tour to check out one of our awesome spaces! You might just find some new friends, new opportunities, or new ideas.











Published On: March 23, 2022Categories: Our Community

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