When booking a venue for your party, there are several things you might look for to find your perfect event space. This all depends on the type of gathering you’re having. Convenience, ambience, and location are all factors in choosing a venue.

Ready and Flexible Space

An equipped and flexible space is one of the most important things to look for in a potential venue. This contributes to the convenience of the space. Flexibility generally makes the experience of hosting an event smoother and easier for guests. Another important element in event-hosting is technology. Whether this be audio or visual, guests often look for a space that meets their entertaining needs. Venues with speakers, TVs, and microphones are generally more appealing. TVs are great for presenting a slideshow or putting on a movie or game for guests to watch. Speakers and microphones are necessary to play music or to speak in front of the group. According to Tripleseat, a technologically equipped space is key to a successful event. Space capacity can be a contributing factor right off the bat. If a venue has the room for a large group of people, there’s more flexibility in number of guests that can attend. Flexibility in decorating and catering options are other elements to consider.

Event Space Ambience

You want to make sure the space fits the ambience of the event you’re looking to book. Whether it’s a wedding, birthday or other ceremony, each event has different needs. Spaces that come ready to use are great for hosting because they require less set-up beforehand. Guests want to have the ability to utilize furniture and resources in the space. Venues with outdoor spaces are a great bonus for hosting events in warm-weather months.

Venue Location

Venues that are near restaurants, bars, retail shops or other entertainment are generally more attractive to guests. According to Everwall, proximity is the biggest deciding factor in hosting an event. Venues with ideal locations tend to be more well-attended and thus more appealing to host. Parking options play a big part in a venue’s desirability; a party space with a parking lot is much more convenient for guests.

If you’re looking for a space to meet your event needs, a COhatch location could be the perfect fit for you! With ideal locations in neighborhoods near you, COhatch has all you need to host your next party. Convenient and aesthetic spaces make the perfect venue for hosting personal events. To check out our spaces, book a tour today and get 20% off an event space at any location.

Published On: February 16, 2022Categories: Our Community

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