Our first COhatch Cleveland location opened up in Ohio City on June 24th! We are excited to have opened our doors, so we can provide a space for work and community within the Cleveland local community. A huge pillar of COhatch is supporting and impacting the communities we are in everyday. We achieve this through our COhatch Give Scholarship program, which awards nonprofits with scholarships to use our COhatch spaces for meetings, events, or coworking. Through donations from COhatch events and community sponsors, we have been able to offer these scholarships since COhatch opened its doors back in 2016. With the launch of our Ohio City location, we are excited to offer local Cleveland nonprofits Give Scholarships across the city!


Having a diverse group of nonprofits in our spaces is extremely important to us, so organizations from education to equality, religion to conservation, and beyond are welcome to apply now. Although we love to receive applications from people that work for or run nonprofits, we also accept nominations from people that are simply just passionate about an organization’s cause! Does your company continuously work with a nonprofit that you think would thrive within COhatch or do you have an organization that you personally volunteer with that is near and dear to your heart? We want to help you and your organization make an impact where it matters most: in your community.

At every COhatch location, we feature a “Give Wall” which shows where all of our COhatch communities are located, lists the nonprofit organizations we support, and displays our donation numbers from members, staff, and more. We love to celebrate and show the awesome things our communities are doing with our Give wall. Check it out below!

If you own a nonprofit, know someone who works for a nonprofit or someone who has a cause they’re passionate about in your city, we want to hear from you. We are so excited to welcome new organizations into COhatch, especially with the launch of our newest COhatch location in Ohio City, and cannot wait to start working with new nonprofits within Cleveland. Apply today & use our spaces to do more good in your neighborhood.