A day in the life of a COhatch Easton member is here. Let’s take a look to see what we’re up to every day!

Next to our Easton location, you can find some awesome restaurants like FUSIAN and Hot Chicken Takeover. If you’re not hungry, no worries! There are plenty of shops and services around like REI, TrueFloat Spa, and more. Did we mention our members get a discount on the shopping, food, and entertainment nearby?

Not feeling a trip outside? Take a quick break with our game room in Room 80. You’ll find Star Wars Atari, a Supernintendo, and a variety of games to take your mind off the workday.

Once you step away from the games, you can head back to work and collaborate with your team in-person or via Zoom in our awesome and roomy meeting rooms.

Room 90 upstairs will take you from work to play easily. Pick up a Nirvana CD and jam out or grab a North High Brewing beer before you get to strumming our electric guitar.

When you’re done, head back to the kitchen to grab free coffee for the extra energy you need for a late night at work.

At the end of the day, pack up and know that your work will be there for you tomorrow. COhatch Easton is truly an awesome space with even awesomer (yep, that’s a new word) members. If you’re interested in checking out our space or coming in to try us free, reach out to our Easton team to get your FREE day pass! We’ll see you then. ūüĎč

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