At COhatch, we would be nothing without our amazing community. Our members are what make each location a unique place to work, meet and live. Some may be too humble to showcase just how incredible they are, no worries! We’ve got them covered. We recently spoke with Vicki Diller, lead pastor of Crossroads Church in Columbus, to learn more about what brought them to COhatch, and how they use their membership.

Finding a Home-Base

Before joining the COhatch community in the spring of 2021, you could find the Crossroads team squeezed into their local coffee shops (and even each other’s kitchens!) to get work done. Vicki knew that as their team of three grew, and pandemic restrictions eased, the limited space coffee shops and kitchen tables offered wasn’t going to cut it. Vicki was ready for Crossroads to have a homebase, but not just any homebase, one that could meet their specific needs.

Crossroads was in the market for spaces that could be used both internally and externally. When Vicki and her team weren’t hosting events for those outside of their church, they needed coworking spaces for internal meetings that could accommodate up to seven different departments.

Freedom and Flexibility

Other coworking venues just weren’t doing it for Crossroads Church.Vicki shared that what drew her team to COhatch was the freedom and flexibility that came with being a member of our community.

“The space is ours and we can do whatever we need to be most successful,” Vicki said.

At COhatch, we are in the business of providing the resources and spaces to empower those in our community to achieve success. Our intentional coworking spaces were able to give Crossroads the ability to think and work more creatively. It wasn’t long before Vicki and her team were utilizing our event spaces throughout Columbus!

COhatch became the perfect hub for Crossroads’ training and collaborative meetings. Vicki is particularly excited to take advantage of the new Polaris space that recently opened, perfect for the church’s larger gatherings. And with the ability to add or subtract coworking memberships as needed, COhatch is able to meet each of our members where they’re at in terms of necessity.

“I’m a huge fan. COhatch has helped my team thrive through COVID. It’s a big deal to us!” said Vicki.

Interested in a COhatch Membership?

Check out a COhatch near you! With new locations opening in Nashville, Charlotte, Raleigh Durham, Atlanta and Orlando, there are even more opportunities to work, meet and live in new ways in your own neighborhood. Our doors are already open in Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, and (soon to be) Tampa! Book a tour today to find the perfect COhatch membership for you!