How COhatch combines Work, Meet, & Live

As the way we work continues to change and evolve, we see employees everywhere leaning more toward a balanced work-life work day. At COhatch, we provide members with access to all of our locations across markets. Whatever it is you need on a given day, we make it easy for you to mix the ways you work with how you live. Work, meet, and live is our motto, and we give you the resources and spaces you and your family need to do just that every day. 


For many people, convenience is a huge factor in their day-to-day lives. We choose the coffee shop that’s closest to us, the grocery store that is the easiest to get in and out of the quickest, and the coworking location that makes sense for our needs. At COhatch, we have locations across markets in neighborhoods convenient to you, making it easy to choose the workplace that best fits you. Whether that’s location, amenities, or community, each of our COhatch spaces offers something different to members. Maybe you prefer the COhatch that’s right around the corner and a 5-minute walk away. Maybe you’d rather hang out at the COhatch with the fancy espresso machine, so you sacrifice the extra 5 minutes of your drive to get there. Whatever it is that’s important to you, we make it easy for you to find that at one or multiple of our locations near you.

 Environmental Impact 

Besides the factor of convenience, choosing to work at a shared workspace close to you can have an effect on the environment, too. On average, the US commute time is over 52 minutes a day commuting to and from work. This adds up to 408 days of the average American’s life that is wasted on their commute to work. Less driving is better for the environment AND for you…just take a look at these gas prices for proof! By narrowing down your drive time, we reduce the pollutants that are released into the air, eliminating potential causes of air pollution and climate change. By choosing to work at a shared workspace close to you (maybe even within walking distance!), you effectively cut down on commute times. This also helps to eliminate the negative effects of commuting on the environment. 


Building Community 

While our lives can often feel so separate from those around us, COhatch helps us all connect through community. Our online platform COhatch+ connects members from across markets to help them find the goods, services, and discounts they need within our COhatch community. By connecting members in our growing network, we provide them with the resources and people they need in their daily lives. In addition to our online presence, members can connect in-person at all of our spaces. With a wide range of professions, backgrounds, and skills, members of our community can meet and learn from one another everyday. Members can grow their networks both professionally and personally with regular community engagement events and networking opportunities. Join us for a happy hour with our partners at North High Brewing, mingle with peers and coworkers over donuts and mimosas, or learn something new at one of our educational workshop lunch & learns. Whatever community means to you, you can find it at one of our COhatch locations. 

COhatch provides you with the convenience, community, and resources you need to thrive in all areas of your life, from work to family and everything in between. With locations in neighborhoods near you, we make it easy to combine the place you work with the cities you live in and the communities you love. Book a tour at a COhatch location near you today and see for yourself how COhatch can impact the way you work, meet, and live!