Member Perks

Because there’s more to life than work.

It pays to be a member…

Every COhatch member gets access to our network of perks that allow you to live your best life down the street from where you live.

Free Life Events

Host your next major life event with us…for free! Birthday parties, weddings, bridal showers, and more at COhatch.


Get health benefits for you, your family, or your team. Customizable health benefits plans are available to all members!

Local Discounts

Everywhere we go, we find the best local businesses and members who want to share their business with you at a discount. Get local discounts sent to you every month.

Family Fun & Games

Climb on the rock wall, host a movie night in one of our movie theaters, or get beat your high score at Pac-Man. We’ve got a Bounce House, too.

Discounted vacations

From our COhatch member beach house to Disney Resorts, get access to discounted vacations when you become a COhatch member.


Volunteer with local nonprofits, donate essential goods to drives, and integrate philanthropy into everything you do. Coming soon!

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