Here at COhatch, we’re so much more than just a place to get some work done, grow your LinkedIn network, or grab a (delicious) coffee. So what makes us so different from other coworking spaces or traditional office structures? The answer to that is simple – each new location is sought out for the purpose of breathing life back into its community. By restoring and repurposing old or existing buildings in communities, we continue the legacy of the building’s history. Preserving the history and sense of community in each neighborhood is essential to keeping the culture alive in the cities that we live in, work at, and love.

Sustainable Architecture

So why not just build from the ground up and customize all of our spaces 100% on our own? By restoring existing buildings in communities, COhatch can really focus on the idea of sustainable architecture. This ties in to the theme of “community restoration” in a more tangible way. By reducing construction and labor, we in turn minimize negative effects to the environment that a new build may involve. Instead of building from scratch, we like to focus on renovating pre-existing buildings to preserve the authenticity of a city’s community feel.

Community Restoration

You might be wondering, what benefits do members of the community get from a COhatch location opening in your city? Besides being more environmentally-friendly, COhatch strives to truly restore and build upon a community’s atmosphere. In Springfield, Ohio, COhatch The Market revitalizes the downtown strip of the city by bringing new momentum and energy to the area. According to assistant city manager Tom Franzen, over the last 10 to 15 years there have been hundreds of millions of dollars put to work in the redevelopment of downtown Springfield. COhatch is happy to be a small part of that growth. COhatch Springfield is unique in that it features a food hall in the same building as COhatch, making it easy for members to grab a quick bite or take a midday break from working!

By putting COhatch locations in local small communities, we bring a sense of togetherness to your surrounding area and your neighbors, friends, and family. COhatch’s presence in each city we’re in goes beyond just providing a physical space for members to work. Involvement in local events helps to create a feeling of community in members and among the city. In addition, our GIVE Scholarship provides local nonprofits with access to our spaces and resources, further giving back to our communities and working to restore their culture.


With so many repurposed buildings you can bet we have a lot of cool stories behind our different historical locations. Before we came along, each location had its own story to tell and lesson to teach in history. We love to keep hidden gems from the buildings that we inherit when we design COhatch spaces.

You’ll see this reflected in small quirks throughout our spaces. Before our first location in Worthington, Ohio was COhatch, it was actually an old hardware store – giving the home location of COhatch the name “The Hardware Store.”

Our second location to ever open is COhatch the Library. This was the Old Worthington Library and Education Department, where you can still find reminiscent corners of study days gone by at this location. Not to mention, it’s also conveniently just up the road from The Hardware Store!

COhatch Polaris, a renovated Irish bar and pub, keeps its original name “The Pub” on the exterior of the location. If you look closely, you’ll notice the Community Manager’s desk was actually crafted from a piece of the awning from the original bar!

Where you might walk into COhatch Delaware now and spot professionals networking, sipping coffee, or getting work done, it wasn’t always that way. Built in 1951 for the Delaware Gazette newspaper, the building was also used as a civil defense fallout shelter. Our design team paid homage to the building’s newspaper heritage throughout, from the fun newsprint wallpaper in the Speakeasy coffee bar to a playful mural of vintage fonts calling out the letters that spell “Delaware.” What was once the basement of The Gazette is now a game room and theater for COhatch members and their families to enjoy!

What Does This Mean For Me?

At COhatch, we aim to improve the lives of our members and those of the community. Whether through sustainable architecture, restoring a local community, or telling the stories of history that rest in all our buildings, we truly aim to grow and boost the community feel in each small town we move to. Check out a COhatch near you today and keep an eye out for a hidden gem or tribute to what your local COhatch used to be back in the good ol’ days! To book a tour of a COhatch near you or try a new one out for the day, head here to learn more about what makes each of our locations so unique. You might find a new favorite spot, or you might uncover a new tidbit about your favorite COhatch location that you never knew before!

Published On: April 7, 2022Categories: Community Updates, Our Community

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