The Team

A group of friends working together and giving it our all. We are all people people and believe it all starts with good relationships...


Matt Davis

Chief Brand Officer

Elisabeth Limes

Polaris Community Manager

Katie Weger

Facilities Coordinator

Chris Johnson

Community Manager

Sarah Gyde

Community Manager

Taylor Lee

Community Manager

Brett Schaaf

Community Manager

Natalie Kokoska

Chief Construction Officer

Terry Hegenderfer

Chief Brand Officer

Joel Limes

Delaware Community Manager

Laurie Lendon

Operations Manager

Madison McHugh

Community Manager

Kristen Hopson

Cincinnati Market Leader

Megan Dotzauer

Director of Sales and Hospitality

Stacey Holland

Chief Sales Officer

Ryan Fogelman

Worthington Community Manager

Taylor Matthews

Director of Development

Tania Lehotay

Easton Community Manager

Kirsty Hessing

Director of Culture and Operations

Rion Robinson

Community Orchestrator

Joseph Harrison

Director of Corporate Solutions

Jenna Dray


It's Not a Job. It's a Passion.


Extended Team

We have found that COhatch members make excellent partners. Meet some of the stellar talent that makes our lives and business better.

Janet Brumfield


Ideal PR+

Doug Christopher


Titan Insurance Services

Dustin Pearce

Digital Marketing


Shannon Williams

Principal & Lead Creative

Shannon Williams Photography

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Live an integrated life at COhatch. A new kind of work and social space built in the communities in which we work and live.

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