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It's Time to Restart

Define essential business.
Small businesses need each other.
Need implies essentiality.
Let’s get to work!

It’s time to reassess, restart, and begin rebuilding the life blood of the economy—small business. For a limited time, we are providing all enterprise teams, small businesses, and entrepreneurs a no-risk opportunity to connect with our community and begin the process of rebuilding business together.


Use this time to reestablish routine, reconnect with past and existing clients, foster new relationships at COhatch, and begin to believe again! Believe in the optimism that made this the greatest place in the world for small businesses to flourish.

Coworking & Shared Office

Work near your home, not in it. For all entrepreneurs whose world has been upended, we’re here to support you. Inquire about payment deferment and scholarships available for impacted businesses.

Small Business Relaunch

Introducing our NO SMALL BUSINESS LEFT BEHIND initiative, providing a 90 day ramp up to restart and rebuild together. Take 75% off first month, 50% off second month, and 25% off third month.

Flexible Remote Team Packages

Reassess your office needs. No lengthy lease commitments, utilities, or the headaches that come with managing your own brick and mortar space. Guaranteed 50% savings off your current lease structure.


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We look forward to partnering with you—work conveniently, work collaboratively, and work in community at COhatch.

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Live an integrated life at COhatch. A new kind of work and social space built in the communities in which we work and live.

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