Our Impact

$2.07MM IN Scholarships & COunting. 592 Nonprofits & Startups supported.

At COhatch, we are community-focused and heavily driven by creating more inclusive and accessible spaces in our neighborhoods. We do what we do because we want more people out there doing good things. From nonprofits to startups, we’re putting an emphasis on creating an impact everywhere we go.

378 Nonprofits on scholarship

30+ Community Renovations

178 startups on scholarship

$2.07MM Awarded in scholarships

1 community Project In Action (See below!)

6 cities and counting

Apply for Scholarship to a COhatch location near you!

Are you a nonprofit or startup looking for a space to drive your mission forward? Apply for our scholarship program to receive discounted or free access to our locations to help you grow, innovate, and make our communities greater.

Partnering with Star House

At COhatch, we want to equip people to be greater. We are coming alongside Star House to renovate all 62 of their apartments. We want to use our ability to create beautiful and inspiring spaces that help propel hundreds of homeless youth forward. It will take a village to make this happen, that is why we are thankful for all of our members, construction partners, and team members that are willing to get their hands dirty (or contribute). Together, we are an ocean!

Thank You to The Volunteers & Companies Helping Us Make the Star House Project a Reality

See How Our Members Make a difference

See what we mean when we say our members and team are making a difference in our communities. Inside each edition of the Good Newspaper we highlight nonprofits, startups, and more that are making an impact in our cities and beyond.

Bringing Communities together through Cohatch

We’re committed to bringing community and impact to the forefront of everything we do. By renovating buildings that have historic meaning to recreating community spaces that were once thriving, we want to make an impact with every location.