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About Us

Hi, We’re COhatch.

We started as a group of friends wanting to change the world of work. Tired of the usual 9 to 5 ways, we decided to find a new way to work, meet, and live. Here’s what we’re about and who we are every day.

Our Values

From Day 1, we’ve wanted COhatch to be local-focused and community-driven. Our values are more than just scraps of paper, we’ve built our team with these ideas from the ground up.

Town Hall 2.0

Restoring, repurposing, and bringing back to life key community assets to create a town hall 2.0 (the modern version of how towns were originally designed).

True Community

Providing enjoyable and easily accessible opportunities for everyone to work, socialize, and serve in the towns they love.

Fulfill Your Purpose

Creating spaces where likeminded people work together to get the most out of their talent and to fulfill their purpose.

Family & Health

Improving individuals and families by providing health & wellness coaching through our health and fitness partners.

Impacting Nonprofits

Supporting local nonprofits to increase their collective impact and provide scholarships when needed.

Social enterprise

Creating a community of social enterprises that provide second chance employment and funding when needed.

Meet Our Team

Our team is growing every day and we’re keeping our culture close. Meet the team that makes COhatch one of the best places to work, no matter what community we’re in.

Our Founders

Sales & Marketing

Operations & Development

Our Local Cincinnati Team

Our Local Indianapolis Team

Our Partners & Investors


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