How COhatch helps employees with mental health benefits, productivity, and a feeling of belonging amidst hybrid and WFH times.

Here at COhatch, we give companies the spaces and resources they need to drive their mission forward and build their networks. Ann Schnabel, a design systems engineer, has been using COhatch spaces since starting her role at Paylocity. Her team at Paylocity works together to build HR software. Ann specifically builds code snippets that other developers use to build out applications.

Spurred by convenience and a need for community, Ann’s initial search for a coworking space relied primarily on location. With locations in local neighborhoods Indianapolis, she found COhatch to be the best option for her. Ann has worked out of COhatch Broad Ripple and our latest addition to the Indy market, COhatch Zionsville.

How COhatch Makes a Difference (Even If It’s Just One Team Member)

While the rest of her Paylocity team is remote and most work from their homes, Ann chose to personally invest in a COhatch membership and private office. The value of being in an environment that COhatch spaces provide goes beyond work for Ann though, “I invested in this space myself, because I realize the value it brings not just to my professional work, but to my mental health, too.”

Ann uses her COhatch membership primarily for the ease and flexibility that the coworking space provides her. She can burrow away, put her head down, and get work done when she needs to. If she needs a break or wants to be more social, she can get up for some sparkling water or coffee, take a walk around the location, or mingle with other members.

 Work Life Before COhatch

Before coming to COhatch, Ann worked for a different company and worked out of an office on a typical work day. At her office, she made friends with many of her work colleagues. She commuted only around 5 minutes to her office, which makes convenience in a workspace a high priority for Ann. She also shared that COhatch gave her balance again,  “COhatch has allowed me to continue a great work-life balance and have as much fun as I did back at the office.” By working in COhatch spaces, Ann can network and build connections with new people every day. COhatch gives her the freedom and space she needs to thrive both personally and professionally.

Why COhatch?

Ann found that in comparison to other companies in the coworking and officespace industry, COhatch stood out from the rest with a community environment that seems to grow in our spaces. Working remotely, she was looking for a place that met her personal needs of getting out of the house and finding camaraderie at work. COhatch does this without distracting from her professional goals, simultaneously providing both a quiet, productive space as well as a social and energizing atmosphere.

Outside of the community environment, Ann appreciates the functionality of COhatch spaces. We’ve designed locations to fit the needs of our members, both in their work and their personal lives. Ann says, “The thing about good design and community is that it elevates our ability to be better because the space around us is better. We crave to be in a better environment, like COhatch, that allows us to meet that level of greatness.” By providing convenient and engaging spaces, members like Ann feel a sense of belonging and productivity. 

Here at COhatch, we value convenience for our members and their communities. For people like Ann, we build COhatch spaces in neighborhoods near you, because we know how valuable it is to work, meet, and live near your home. We cultivate community so that our members can not only have a better work experience, but a better life experience, too.